Tartu Ülikool

Erasmus+ International Staff Week 2025


14.00-14.30 Welcome, Main Building, r 305, Ülikooli St 18

General overview of the University of Tartu, Main Building, council room, Ülikooli St 18
Ms. Kristi Kerge, Head of International Cooperation

Getting acquainted - presentations by participants (max 5 min each)

16.30-17.00 Guided tour of the University Main Building, lobby, Ülikooli St 18
18.00Welcome Dinner


10.00-11.00Overview of International Projects at UT, Main Building, r 140, Ülikooli St 18
Ms. Tene Viiburg, Head of Cooperation Processes
Ms. Laura Tomson, Foreign Funds Coordinator
11.00-12.30Lifelong learning and E-learning at the University of Tartu, r 140, Ülikooli St 18 
Ms. Ülle Kesli, Senior Specialist for Continuing Education
Ms. Lehti Pilt, Senior Specialist for Educational Technology
Mr. Kait Krull, Web Developer
12.30-13.30Walk to Delta Cafe through UT Botanical Gardens, Lai St 38
14.30-15.30Visit to the Delta Centre
Tour of the Building, Lobby, Narva St 18


10.00 -11.00

Overview of International Cooperation and Erasmus+ ICM at UT, Main Building, r 140, Ülikooli St 18
Ms. Karoliina Vilimaa-Pennarun, Senior Specialist of International Cooperation


Walk to the Estonian National Museum (ERM), Muuseumi tee 2
Guided tour of the Estonian National Museum, ERM, Muuseumi tee 2


10.00-11.15Welcoming Services for International Students, Main Building, r A 135 Ülikooli St 18
Ms. Piret Maiste, Student Exchange Coordinator 
Ms. Kristi Liivamägi, Study Abroad Coordinator
Ms. Piret Saluveer, Erasmus Programme Traineeship Coordinator
11.30-12.45International Marketing and Recruitment, Main Building, council room, Ülikooli St 18
Ms. Anna Branets, Senior Specialist for International Marketing
15.00-15.30Visit to Raatuse dormitory, Raatuse St 22


Meetings by request