The Guild

The Guild of European Research Intensive Universities (The Guild) is an organisation of European research universities established in 2016. The network, of which the University of Tartu is a founding member, currently comprises 21 universities.

The Guild was created to voice the opinion of universities with regard to EU research policy. The network aims to increase the volume of research funding, to promote the role of the humanities and social sciences alongside the natural sciences, and to foster business relations and innovation. To this end, it stays in touch with political decision makers and works closely with leading industrial and business partners, NGOs and other private and public sector bodies, both nationally and in Europe. Despite its short existence, the Guild has already proven itself to be an active and credible contributor to the European higher education and research communities.

The Guild is governed by a four-member Board of Directors, which is responsible for the implementation of the network’s strategic objectives and oversees its budget. The term of office of the Board of Directors is three years. The current membership of the Board includes Rector Toomas Asser. The Guild Office is located Brussels.

The work of the Guild is organised in working groups.

The Guild general groups Contact E-mail
General Assembly and Board of Directors Toomas Asser
Vice Presidents group Mari Moora

Institutional Liaison
Kristi Kerge
Working Groups        
R&I policy group Siret Rutiku
Innovation Mart Maasik
Heads of Communication Piret Ehrenpreis
Viivika Eljand-Kärp
Erasmus+ Karoliina Vilimaa-Pennarun
Jaanika Haljasmäe
Strategic Leads on Education Aune Valk
Research Support Offices Siret Rutiku
Laura Tomson
Quality Assurance Special Interest Group (SIG) Katrin Pajuste-Kuul
Widening Participation & Structural Funds Siret Rutiku 
Toivo Maimets
Vallo Mulk
SSH Deans Anti Selart
Open Science Liisi Lembinen
Health Deans Jarek Mäestu
North-South To be nominated      
Heads of Digital Research Heisi Kurig
Deans of Law Karin Sein
Merilin Kiviorg
Peep Pruks
Deans of Theology Roland Karo
Gender and Diversity Helin Jaakma
Research Careers and Assessment Tõnis Karki
European Universities Leads Kristi Kerge
Strategic Leads on Sustainability Katrin Pajuste-Kuul
Taivo Raud
Strategic Leads on Digital Transformation Kristiina Lillemets
Andres Tennus

Doctoral defence: Peeter Kenkmann "Development of the Authoritarian Regime in Estonia between 1934 and 1940: Roles of the Constitution and the State of Emergency"

Doctoral defence: Valentina Punzi "Making (hi)stories in Amdo: voices, genres, and authorities"

On 13 June at 12:00 Valentina Punzi will defend her doctoral thesis "Making (hi)stories in Amdo: voices, genres, and authorities".

Nguyen Hoang Quan Tran will defend his doctoral thesis "Perception of organisational culture in terms of task and relationship orientations in Vietnam"

On 10 June at 10:00 Nguyen Hoang Quan Tran will defend his doctoral thesis "Perception of organisational culture in terms of task and relationship orientations in Vietnam"