Andres Tennus

Master degree graduation ceremony 2024

The graduation ceremony of the Faculty of Science and Technology is on 21 June at 16:00 in the university’s assembly hall.

At 15:50, please gather on the right-hand staircase leading to the assembly hall from the lobby. At 16:00, the door will be opened and the graduates will enter the assembly hall, accompanied by music.

As there will be more than 200 graduates in the assembly hall, family members and guests are kindly requested to attend the ceremony from the balcony or watch the live broadcast in rooms 139 and 140 of the main building, and in front of the main building, where a large screen will be set up for the guests. 

The recording of the ceremony will be available on the video portal:

The graduating students will receive more detailed information about their graduation ceremony by email from their faculty or unit. Read further about receiving the graduation documents

Graduating students who want the university’s cap or ring can order it from the gift shop at Ring orders are forwarded to the jeweller on the last day of each month and the rings will be ready in up to two months. Those who want the cap are recommended to place their order as soon as possible to receive the cap before the graduation ceremony. Both the caps and rings can be conveniently collected from the parcel machine or the main building. During the ceremonies, the university’s gifts are also sold in front of the main building. 

Every year, graduates wish to take photos in Tartu in front of the main building. Graduates are also welcome to take their own photos in the Pirogov Square, where a crabapple tree was planted in honour of university graduates in 2020, by the “Kissing Students” sculpture decorated with the university’s caps, in the blooming botanical garden and the ruins of the Tartu Cathedral (entrance to cathedral towers is free of charge for the graduates and discount rates are available for their family members).