SIS notifications and updating contact details

Each student is notified about any arrangements concerning them or questions relating to their studies via the SIS and their university email address, after which the university considers such notifications transmitted to the student. Automatic notifications are sent to the learner via the SIS regarding any formal arrangements which concern them, such as exmatriculation, academic leave, extending the duration of their studies, etc. NB! Please check your SIS notifications and university email regularly as the information there is important!

The student is obliged to update their contact details in the SIS if they have changed. The student can use the SIS to add or change details such as their personal email address, bank account number, mobile phone number, or their actual and official address. Whilst studying at university, it is important that communication between the university and student goes smoothly and that the university can contact the student if needed.

In the event of a change of name, it is not possible for a student to update their own name in the SIS. To change your name, it is necessary to submit a request to the Dean’s Office of your faculty or to your institute or college, along with a document confirming the change of name. For example, this could be a marriage certificate, certificate of divorce or a directive from the Minister for Regional Affairs.


  The university’s data protection policy


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