Teaching consultancy for teaching staff

Counselling about teaching

Teaching counselling for teachers is provided by the academic developers and instructional designers of the Centre for Learning and Teaching.

Academic developers support teachers in developing their teaching skills by offering individual and group counselling, mediating the exchange of experiences, and organising and conducting various training courses and seminars. Academic staff as well as managers can also receive counselling about the planning of studies, curriculum development and evaluating the effectiveness of studies.

Instructional designers provide methodological and educational technology support and advice to teachers in the field in the development of e-courses (incl. Moodle, MOOCs) and learning objects, and organise seminars and trainings in the structural units of their faculties.

Academic developers and instructional designers

E-learning support persons

In institutes, faculties and colleges, e-learning support persons (academic affairs specialists or assistants) provide help for the academic staff with the basic e-learning procedures (creating a blank Moodle course in SIS, transferring students from SIS to a Moodle course, transferring study results from Moodle to the SIS exam results report, inserting test questions, etc.). Find information about support persons at your institute.

Preparing for evaluation

In addition to evaluating the work performance of the academic staff, the staff evaluation also supports their professional development. You can contact the academic developer of your faculty to discuss your analysis of teaching development and interpret teaching in general. With questions regarding the evaluation process and requirements, please contact the senior specialist for personnel matters.

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Psychological counselling

The staff of the University of Tartu have the opportunity to contact a counsellor if they have problems in their working life. Tõnu Lehtsaar, the professor of psychology of religion, fulfils the role of the counsellor-chaplain. The counsellor-chaplain’s goal is to contribute to the psychological and mental well-being of the UT employees, enhance their ability to work efficiently and help to improve the communication climate in the working environment of the university.

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