Results of antibody survey of the study on the prevalence of the coronavirus in Estonia

*Unfortunately, due to the bias of the sample, the results of the 19th wave of the survey are not comparable and are therefore not shown in the table below.


*As the sample is stratified by region, age group, and gender, the estimation of prevalence is not based on the simple arithmetic mean but the corresponding weighted mean.

*In waves 16 and 17, also post-stratification based on vaccination information was used. This means that the actual vaccination level according to the Health Board was also taken into account in calculating the weighted average.

Map of the study landscapes and populations of Primula veris

Doctoral defence: Iris Reinula "Genetic variation of grassland plants in changing landscapes"


Doctoral Defense: Natàlia Pujol Gualdo "Decoding genetic associations of female reproductive health traits"

Jaan Vihalemm

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