Nordic Baltic Femtochemistry 2024

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Nordic Baltic Femtochemistry 2024 meeting will be organized July 10th -12th 2024

The NBFC2024 conference aims to bring together all ultrafast and femtosecond scientists in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Femtochemistry and femtosecond spectroscopy represent cutting-edge scientific disciplines at the forefront of ultrafast chemical research. In the past years this innovative field has thrived, fostering collaboration and innovation among renowned research institutions and scientists. Nordic and Baltic countries, known for their dedication to scientific excellence, have made significant contributions to unraveling the mysteries of molecular dynamics on femtosecond timescales. By utilizing laser technology and advanced spectroscopic techniques, researchers in this region are delving into the intricate processes governing chemical reactions with unparalleled precision. In this conference we will explore the remarkable advances, unique collaborations, and impactful discoveries emerging from the dynamic scientific landscape of femtochemistry and femtosecond spectroscopy in the Nordic and Baltic regions.

International Advisory Board:
Prof. Darius Abramavičius
Dr. Arturs Bundulis
Prof. Arvi Freiberg
Prof. Janne Ihalainen
Prof. Martin Meedom Nielsen
Prof. Tõnu Pullerits

Andres Tennus

Doctoral defence: Peeter Kenkmann "Development of the Authoritarian Regime in Estonia between 1934 and 1940: Roles of the Constitution and the State of Emergency"

Doctoral defence: Valentina Punzi "Making (hi)stories in Amdo: voices, genres, and authorities"

On 13 June at 12:00 Valentina Punzi will defend her doctoral thesis "Making (hi)stories in Amdo: voices, genres, and authorities".
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