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A ladies’ beach more than 100 years old

In the 1920s Pärnu beach was divided into three parts: the ladies’ beach, the gent’s beach and the mixed beach. A separate ladies’ beach was distinctive to that period and women in swimming costumes could enjoy themselves in privacy. Pärnu ladies’ beach is still open for the very same reason, and today women can sunbathe in the nude without being disturbed.


Tranquil vacation on a secluded beach

When travelling along the coastline you can find several beaches covered with white sand and pine forests. The best-known is undoubtedly Valgerand (White Beach). However, tranquillity and privacy can be found elsewhere, such as Matsi Beach to the North of the city and Reiu and Kabli Beaches to the South. For those interested in fishing and swimming there are Lakes Tõhela and Rae.


Bovines on beachside meadows

The Pärnu seaside nature conservation area covers 341 hectares of forests, lagoons and beachside meadows, which are low grasslands where bulrushes are regularly mown and Highland Cattle are herded. Many birds choose to nest in these maintained areas.


Mud and peat ease your stress

In Pärnu you can enjoy treatments with Estonian natural resources. For instance, therapeutic mud is collected from Lake Ermistu in Pärnu County and therapeutic peat from a bog near Viljandi. These treatments make you feel relaxed and help curb your stress levels.


Cold therapy relieves your pain

The idea of cold therapy originates from Japan. The treatment is administered in a special cold chamber at extremely low temperatures: from -100 to -120 ºC. A single session lasts from 1.5 to 3 minutes. In dry and cold air you get a peculiar stinging or pinching feeling which does notresemble the usual sensation of cold. Cold therapy works especially well if you have joint ailments or pain.


Play golf like in the old days

In Valgerand near Pärnu, there are two golf courses and both have an 18-hole course as well as a pay-and-play type 9-hole course. Anybody can play golf here: beginners get friendly advice and master players can test their skills. You also have a unique opportunity to try out our antique hickory golf, originating from the beginning of the 20th century.


A hot sauna lifts your mood

Saunas helped ancient Estonians recover from tiring field work. In today’s saunas all four elements – fire, water, air and earth – are used for therapeutic purposes. The sauna hearth is doused with water and the body is stimulated with birch or juniper branches. The heat is followed by something completely opposite – a jump into cold water or snow. In the city you find modern saunas and water parks, but in our country farms you can also try out ancient smoke saunas and sit in a bath barrel admiring the stars.