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Application to micro-credential programmes at the University of Tartu is now open

Adult learners can register for the University of Tartu’s micro-credential programmes starting in the autumn semester to acquire an additional specialisation or a new competence.

In the autumn semester of the 2024/2025 academic year, the University of Tartu provides 51 micro-credential programmes, including seven in English. There are micro-credential programmes in sustainable development, entrepreneurship and economics, geography, education and pedagogy, information technology, language and culture, chemistry, medicine, psychology, service, law and society.

Aune Valk, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs at the University of Tartu, is confident that micro-credential programmes are an increasingly valuable form of learning, as the changing labour market and new ways of working require continuous development of knowledge and skills. Micro-credential programmes enable faster and more flexible learning, offering updated and relevant content. “Short training courses can be attractive, but a change in mindset and professional competence develop over a more extended period of commitment. In this perspective, the micro-credential programmes are the golden mean between short continuing education courses and longer degree studies,” Valk explained.

A micro-credential programme is a longer, comprehensive continuing education programme designed to meet labour market needs. Its volume is 12–30 ECTS, and the typical duration is a semester or two. The programmes are based on degree courses, and the participants usually study alongside students in block mode or online format, which is suitable for the working person.

Learners with at least upper secondary education are welcome to register for micro-credential programmes. However, several programmes have additional admission requirements. More information is available on the University of Tartu website. Admission to most programmes is open until 21 August; application to the programme “Use of technology in contemporary learning” is open until 14 June.


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