Micro-credential programmes

The University of Tartu considers it important to offer flexible opportunities for adult learners to study at the university, as the changing labour market and ways of working require acquiring new skills now and then.

A micro-credential programme is a longer, comprehensive continuing education programme based on degree-study courses. The programme offers an opportunity to acquire an additional specialisation or specific competencies in a narrow field. 

The volume of a UT micro-credential programme ranges from 12 to 30 ECTS. The programmes are designed with the volume and pace of study suitable for the adult learner in mind, so that they can generally be completed in one or two semesters. Participants in a micro-credential programme study alongside students, in block-mode or online format suitable for the working person. The programmes are provided for a fee. Micro-credential programmes are designed to enable participants to continue their studies in a degree programme, if they wish, and to get higher education or a new degree in the field. Participants completing the programme receive a continuing education certificate from the University of Tartu. 

Admission to micro-credential programmes

  • Micro-credential degrees are designed for learners with at least upper secondary education, but many programmes have additional admission requirements. 

  • Click on the title of the programme to find out more about the content, conditions and organisation of the programme and to register for the programme. Each programme also has a contact person you can get in touch with if you have any questions.


English-taught micro-credential programmes in the spring semester 2023/24

Registration for the micro-credential programmes runs until 21 January unless otherwise stated in the programme description. More detailed information can be found at each program.




See the Estonian page for the list of all micro-credential programmes offered in the spring semester 2023/24.

A micro-credential programme is for you if you 

  • need to refresh your professional knowledge because you completed your previous studies a while ago;  
  • need specialised competencies in a narrow field; 
  • want to improve your employability; 
  • are planning a career change; 
  • want to take some new courses but do not wish to complete the whole curriculum; 
  • want to be sure that your continuing education studies would support your future degree studies and that you have a flexible opportunity to continue studies towards a degree; 
  • want to broaden your professional network.
A micro-credential programme offers a bite-sized opportunity to study at the university

"I was pleasantly surprised when I first saw an ad for the service design micro-credential programme on the university's Facebook page. I felt the university could indeed offer me something as a customer! I had thought about doing a master's in this field before, but it seemed like too big a project to take on besides my other activities," says Lisett Heil, who completed the micro-credential programme at the University of Tartu.

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