Botanical Garden’s anniversary celebrations culminate on 27 June

The University of Tartu Botanical Garden celebrates its 220th anniversary in June, when the garden is colourful and blooming. On 27 June, the celebrations continue with tree-planting and a concert by Lonitseera in the Botanical Garden’s alpine garden. 

Estonia’s most species-rich garden, the University of Tartu Botanical Garden, celebrates its 220th anniversary in June. Events marking this special anniversary are held during the whole month. The celebrations started with the Nature Festival, which this year took place from 7 to 11 June throughout Estonia, and continue on 27 June with planting a tree in Vanemuine Park at 13, and the Lonitseera concert in the alpine garden of the Botanical Garden at 19.  

Last year, when the University of Tartu Natural History Museum celebrated its 220th anniversary, a new tradition was established to award the Gottfried Albrecht Germann badge. The award is for staff members of the Natural History Museum and Botanical Garden, as well as individuals from outside the institution, who have made an outstanding contribution to the development of the institution and the fulfilment of its objectives. This year, the Germann badges are presented on the day of the Botanical Garden’s anniversary. The Mayor of Tartu Urmas Klaas will also attend the event to congratulate the University of Tartu Botanical Garden on its anniversary.  

On 27 June at 19, everyone is welcome to celebrate the Botanical Garden’s 220th anniversary with the concert by Lonitseera. The band, which grew out of a singer-songwriter project four years ago, surprises its audiences with their sharp lyrics and sensitive interplay. The creative engine of the band is Kaisa Kuslapuu, whose music is the product of crossing wild thoughts with exaggerated comparisons.

Lonitseera strives to be carefree, sensitive and natural. The flute, double bass and jazz piano allow defining the band’s style as dramatic indie-jazz-alt-pop. Their debut album Tapeet (2022) was received warmly by fans and critics and won the title “Author’s Song Album of the Year”.  

The band comprises Kaisa Kuslapuu (vocals, piano; music and lyrics), Katariina Tirmaste (flute, backing vocals), Kristin Kaha (backing vocals), Mart Nõmm (double bass) and Tõnis Kirsipu (percussions).  

In honour of the 220th anniversary of the University of Tartu Botanical Garden, a visit to the grave of Gottfried Albrecht Germann in Raadi cemetery takes place on the morning of 27 June. At 13, a tree is planted in Vanemuine Park to mark the first location of the Botanical Garden.  

The concert by Lonitseera in the alpine garden of the Botanical Garden starts at 19. Entrance is free. All visitors are kindly asked to arrive at the Botanical Garden in good time to ensure smooth movement of people in the garden and not to cause any damage to the plants.  

The organiser may take pictures, videos and audio recordings of the event, share them with participants and in public media channels, and use them for marketing similar events. 

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