Reelika Riimand

Collaboration exercise is organised in Tartu with training also taking place around the university's buildings in the city centre

On Thursday, 26 October, a collaboration exercise will be organised in central Tartu, involving the Police and Border Guard Board, the Rescue Board, Tartu Ambulance, the city of Tartu and the University of Tartu. Part of the exercise will take place around the university’s buildings in the city centre.

According to the chief of the exercise, Mikk Salumets, a large number of emergency vehicles and frontline staff will be present in the city that day. The participants will respond to emergencies in the urban space and institutions during the exercise. All actions have been coordinated with the heads of the institutions involved.

The exercise starts at 14 and ends at midnight. “There may be loud noises that can be startling or disturbing. We can confirm that these are all simulated, and there is no actual danger to anyone. This is just an exercise to improve cross-service collaboration and response,” Salumets added.

The police and the partners have organised similar exercises in Tartu and the surrounding area several times over the past year.

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