UT Erasmus Departmental Coordinators

Each of the University's academic units has its own Erasmus Departmental Coordinator. Coordinators include faculty members, programme managers, academic specialists and others. UT students can consult them for specific questions on pursuing their area of study at an Erasmus+ partner university of the institute and for the selection process for outgoing students.
Erasmus Departmental Coordinators at UT are also in charge of concluding and signing Erasmus+ inter-institutional agreements via EWP (IIAs for KA131) for their institutes.

School of Theology and Religious Studies Kairi Ots Kairi.Ots@ut.ee +3727375301
Institute of History and Archaeology Andres Andresen Andres.Andresen@ut.ee +3727375650
Institute of Estonian and General Linguistics

Kadri Koreinik (partnerships)
Andrea Nagy (student mobility)



Institute of Philosophy and Semiotics      
Department of Semiotics Tuuli Pern tartusemiotics@ut.ee  
Department of Philosophy Ruth Jürjo Ruth.Jurjo@ut.ee +3727375314
Institute of Cultural Research and Arts Helen Kästik helen.kastik@ut.ee  
College of Foreign Languages and Cultures Age Allas (partnership agreements) age.allas@ut.ee +3727376255
Department of Classical Studies Kaidi Kriisa kaidi.kriisa@ut.ee  
Department of English Studies Jane Klavan  
Department of German Studies Reet Bender reet.bender@ut.ee  
Department of Slavic Studies

Tatjana Stepaništševa

Department of Romance Studies Klaarika Kaldjärv klaarika.kaldjarv@ut.ee +3727375319
Department of Romance Studies Tanel Lepsoo Tanel.Lepsoo@ut.ee +3727376246
Department of Scandinavian Studies Viivika Voodla Viivika.Voodla@ut.ee +3727375212
Department of Translation and Interpretation Studies

Sirje Kupp-Sazonov

Viljandi Culture Academy Krista Tamm krista.tamm@ut.ee  +37253002782


School of Law Merle Erikson Merle.Erikson@ut.ee  
School of Economics and Business
Kristi Liivamägi kristi.liivamagi@ut.ee +3727376317
Institute of Social Studies Maiu Reinhold Maiu.Reinhold@ut.ee +372737 5697  
Institute of Education Annika Konsap Annika.Konsap@ut.ee +3727376478
  Kristina Avdonina kristina.avdonina@ut.ee
Institute of Psychology Eva Jänes eva.janes@ut.ee   
Johan Skytte institute of Political Studies Uta Kührt uta.kuhrt@ut.ee +3727375154
Narva College

Anastassia Tuuder

Pärnu College

Ly Lumiste



  Kadri Veeperv kadri.veeperv@ut.ee +3727375328
Institute of Sport Sciences and
Mare Vene Mare.Vene@ut.ee +3727375361


Institute of Physics Jörg Pieper jorg.pieper@ut.ee +3727374627
Institute of Chemistry Anu Teearu-Ojakäär


  Ivo Leito Ivo.Leito@ut.ee  
Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology Janika Vana janika.vana@ut.ee +3727375027
Institute of Technology Liili Laan liili.laan@ut.ee +3727375043
Institute of Ecology and Earth Sciences      
Departments of Botany and Zoology Teivi Laurimäe teivi.laurimae@ut.ee  
Department of Geography Birgit Viru birgit.viru@ut.ee  
Department of Geology Kaarel Mänd kaarel.mand@ut.ee  

Institute of Computer Science

Paula Luks


Institute of Mathematics and Statistics Rainis Haller rainis.haller@ut.ee +3727375861

Tartu Observatory

Antti Tamm antti.tamm@t.ee +3727374505
Estonian Marine Institute Markus Vetemaa markus.vetemaa@ut.ee +3726718901

Institute of Genomics

Erwan Pierre Francois Xavier Pennarun erwan.pennarun@ut.ee +3727375054




Procrastinators' double-edged sword

Tartu opservatooriumi stipendiaadid - Tartu Ülikool

Recipients of Tartu Observatory scholarship presented their research

pilt tudengitest ringis

Conversation circle