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University textbook “Rakubioloogia” given the 2023 language award by Ministry of Education and Research

On Friday, 15 March, Minister of Education and Research Kristina Kallas recognised the recipients of the language awards for 2023. The university textbook “Rakubioloogia” in Estonian was given one of the main awards of the competition.

The authors of the textbook on cell biology are University of Tartu Vivarium Manager Sulev Kuuse and Professor of Cell Biology Toivo Maimets, and the editors are Mart Viikmaa and Rein Sikut. The comprehensive textbook brings cutting-edge science to Estonian students in their mother tongue. This integration of language and thought processes reinforces clearer links between different disciplines than a translation of a foreign-language textbook would allow.

The chapters of the book were written by 31 Estonian experts. In total, a hundred people contributed to the textbook, including reviewers Evelin Loit and Urmas Arumäe. The authors would like to express their special thanks to Ülle Ergma, Ivo Volt, Kairi Kullasepp, Mari Mets and Kalle Paalits from the University of Tartu Press.

Collaboration between people has been most important in the publication of this textbook. Thanks to the contribution of academic staff from different fields, the textbook is a good example of working towards one great cause. After all, writing a university textbook reflects the desire to teach our intellectuals in their mother tongue.

Sulev Kuuse, one of the compilers and authors of the textbook “Rakubioloogia"

In addition to the textbook on cell biology, the other main language award for 2023 was given to the educational videos in Estonian created by Aleksandra Danštšikova, a kindergarten teacher in Kohtla-Järve. Minister of Education and Research Kristina Kallas highlighted the importance of Estonian-language education in today's society. “Although the language learning videos and the Estonian-language university textbook that won the main award are intended for different target groups, their aim is the same – to support and further develop education in Estonian. Now, at the beginning of the transition to Estonian-language education, such teaching materials are especially significant," said Kallas.

Read more on the website of the Ministry of Education and Research (in Estonian).


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