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11,000 years of history

The Pärnu Museum has found a home in a centuries-old granary. The exhibition of our city’s and county’s history is vivified by a 13th or 14th-century river gate which was discovered during renovations, and through which the Hanseatic goods were traded. The so-called time-river created in the Museum takes you through 11,000 years of exciting history, and its interactive solutions guarantee a memorable experience for you and your whole family.


A sunset dinner

The tower at the well-known Ammende Villa is ideal for couples who wish to enjoy a romantic dinner at sunset. Luxurious champagne, delicious food, aromatic wine and cozy candlelit moments with your sweetheart – each day only grants us one sunset which will never be repeated...


Aromas and flavours of the herb garden

On the Tamme horticulture farm you can see a model herb garden which also features vegetables and edible decorative plants. Walk around in the paradise of smells and flavours and enjoy a cup of delicious herbal tea with a slice of herb pie made by the hostess herself. You can purchase preserves of berries, vegetables and herbs, as well as various blends of herb teas and other interesting products.


Pick berries and mushrooms yourself

Keep your eyes open when hiking in our forests because there is nothing better than taking a break from a hike and picking naturally growing strawberries, raspberries, blueberries or mushrooms. Ask your guide for the best places to do just that; cranberries, however, grow alongside our wooden bog tracks.


Concerts and festivals

Pärnu’s cultural life centers around one of Estonia’s best theaters, Endla, and the Pärnu Concert Hall. St. Elizabeth’s Church also hosts many excellent concerts. Traditionally, in the summer, many open-air concerts are held at Vallikääru’s stage, in the garden of Villa Ammende, on other outdoor stages and on the many grass fields of Pärnu’s parks.

Pärnu is well-known for the events that take place every summer – the annual Hanseatic Days and Guild Days festivals bring together craftsmen from near and far and fill the streets and parks with sights, sounds, and carefully designed handicrafts.

Several famous festivals, such as the Pärnu Music Festival led by Paavo Järvi, and the International Organ Festival, take place in Pärnu. The annual month-long Kabli Sunset Festival brings together thousands of music and culture lovers. Lasting several days, Kihnu Island’s Kihnu Sea Festival has gained such popularity that the ferry is too small to carry everyone interested in attending from the mainland to the island. Booking a ticket in advance prevents getting into this trouble.


Taste genuine Estonian food

In Pärnu County you can enjoy real Estonian food. You can find food made on old wood stoves, and also preserves of berries from people’s own gardens and fish and meat smoked by the locals themselves. The Estonian food range also includes dairy products from Pärnu County farms, such as yoghurt, butter and cream cheese.