Spin-off programme

The University of Tartu offers its researchers and students a programme for the development of science-based companies worth up to 10,000 euros.

The programme consists of six-month phases and lasts up to three years. During this time, mentors from different fields help to keep up the pace and move your company forward.

From the programme, you get:

  • Training courses

  • Business mentors

  • Laboratory resources

  • Valuation of intellectual property

  • Marketing

  • Funding opportunities

Who is the programme for?

We are looking for researchers, employees and students of the University of Tartu, who have an idea of a science-based application or a rapidly expanding business.

After completing the programme, you can start successful operations in the market or continue to develop the company in one of the many incubators in Tartu or elsewhere in Estonia. We have partnerships with most incubation facilities and we can help you apply to their programmes.



The programme allows you to think your business idea through, bring you together with the right people, practice pitching, and potentially get your first funding to bring your vision to life.

The spin-off programme brought me together with top specialists, whom I was able to present my business idea, exchange thoughts, develop the business idea, and to cooperate with. Perhaps they would have helped me if contacted them myself, however, the participation in the program made it much easier and created the necessary mutual trust.

Pärtel Poopuu (Prudens OÜ), programme graduate

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Spin-offs are active partners for the university

A spin-off company of the University of Tartu is a company which, in agreement with the university, wishes to highlight its connection with the university for business development and whose founders and / or shareholders are the university administration company and / or its UT employees / students and uses the university's intellectual capital and / or infrastructure. Knowledge, information, intellectual property, experience, etc. are considered intellectual capital.

Any company meeting the criteria can become a spin-off. This gives the company an opportunity to use the university's brand and increase the credibility of its products and services by referring to scientific research.

We want an active partnership from our spin-offs, which, in addition to shared knowledge, also includes activities that support the university's core activities - teaching and research. In order for the cooperation to run smoothly, we provide each spin-off company with an account manager who helps to coordinate the wishes of the company and the university.


The turnover of our spin-offs is over 50 million euros

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