Program participants

Teams joined in Spring 2024


Plant EV Technologies

Kristiina Kurg

Plant EV Technologies deals with the removal, purification and valorization of extracellular vesicles from plants.

Self-Transcendence App

Viktar Niachayeu

The project aims to make different forms of self-tracsendence accessible to broader audience.

Huber Flores


Development of a wearable ring that can identify if a drink has been tampered with/spiked


Peeter Leets

The development of an automated labor market skills identification model to enable finding the scope and content of the skill deficit needed by a person to fill positions and vacancies, and training addressing this deficit to ensure a better overlap between the labor supply and the skills required on the labor market.

Responsible and Secure Edge Artificial Intelligence

Feras Awaysheh

The project focuses on the integration of ethical practices and security measures in the operation of artificial intelligence at the network edge.

Niilo Kaldalu


Development of a rapid test for antibiotic and bacteriophage resistance based on bacterial lysis


Arved Vain

Technology for determination of constitutive biomechanical parameters of soft tissues.

Reet Mändar

Sour whey valorisation

Kristiina Reimets


Refinement of exhaust gases into chemicals

Qurat Ul Ain Reshi

Development and commercialization of multipurpose bio-inspired nanoparticles

Indrek Jõgi

Air purifier based on corona discharge

Teams joined in Autumn 2023



Kai-Melli Kapten

Transful is an educational platform for students that aims to make the use of mnemonic techniques an integral part of regular learning and to displace the habit of relying only on mechanical repetition.

Semiozic OÜ

Alec Kozicki


Semiozic OÜ is a semiotic consulting and design company, we specialize in ad hoc modeling to thoroughly examine the relations of the subject-object-environment.

Rodolfo Basile


An app that allows to use language creation (conlanging) for linguistic, social, and cognitive research purposes.

Ecological landscaping service

Indrek Kuusk

We offer landscaping service that is based on ecological principles.

Hiie Soeorg

Vancomycin precision dosing tool

Janar Paeglis

A sampler package of Estonian traditional instruments for the international market

Longevity Bioanalytics

Ance Gailuma

We are providing the service of biological age estimation through blood DNA analysis for people under the risk of premature aging.

Teams joined in Spring 2023


Aile Tamm

Development of autonomous personal energy sources in applications of future energy distributed systems

Avid Azadnia

Creation of a new generation horizontal gel electrophoresis system.

Karin Kogermann


Development of antimicrobial and wound healing wound dressings using the electrospinning method.

Madli Jõks

Development of software for biodiversity impact assessment of carbon projects.


Taavi Vanaveski

A virtual data cloud based on artificial intelligence that collects user health data from all kinds of input, and models an optimal health behavior strategy based on it.

Triin Paaver


Commercialization of discussion-based game Estonians’ 100 Choices

Teams joined in Autumn 2022


Veronika Zadin

Simulation technologies core laboratory, simulation technology commercialization.

Ivar Zekker

Recovery of heavy metals from waste using fungi.

Anne-Liisa Maido

Fungic – production of packaging material from fungi and plant pulp.

Raul Sõmer


A remotely applied release system for the C-90/AT-4 weapon system

Anton Malmi


SayEst - a mobile application for training the pronunciation of the Estonian language

Teams joined in Spring 2022


Eric Roldan Roa

An educational company that specializes in providing a community-based blended learning experience for students and teachers.

Kaido Kurrikoff

Development of platform technology through which various mRNA therapeutics can be delivered to a patient's cells for treatment.

Mikk Espenberg

Improving the removal of nitrogen pollution with bioelectrochemically affected microbes.

Teams joined in Autumn 2021



Alexander Kmoch/Evelyn Uuemaa

GIS (Geographic Information Systems) training, consulting and developing on-demand toolboxes and workflows, with focus on powerful open source alternatives to the expensive and dreaded market leader software suites.


Nadezda Kongi

RedoxNRG – advanced technology that electrochemically captures carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and converts it to green fuels


Helis Ojala/Ted Edward Õunap

Premed - a systematic and science-based solution to prevent employee mental health problems and to increase company performance. The solution is based on an objective measure of mental well-being based on the corresponding algorithm.

Metsaplaan 2.0

Jan Peter George

Metsaplaan 2.0 - A digital information platform for private forest owners. Science-based information platform designed for the needs of private forest owners in order to manage their forests as economically and ecologically as possible.


Taavet Jansen

Streaming theater as a research tool - online platform for mapping and analyzing viewer experience.


Teams joined in spring 2021


Kim Duong/Joel Kuusk

HYPSTAR (Hyperspectral Pointable System for Terrestrial and Aquatic Radiometry) - a new hyperspectral radiometer integrated in automated networks of water and land bidirectional reflectance measurements for satellite validation.

Sven Anderson

Coding of natural language on machine code level (hardware-software).

Teams joined in autumn 2020


Hanno Evard

We are developing simple test methods measuring the amount of small molecules (such as pharmaceuticals or pesticides) in blood samples. These tests are necessary in therapeutic drug monitoring..

Program alumni




Kaido Kurrikoff

We are dedicated to developing tissue specific RNA delivery for efficient cancer immunotherapy


RedoxNRG logo


Nadezda Kongi

Electrochemical capture of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.


Hanno Evard

Low cost chemical tests to help simplify analysis with microfluidics technologies.


GaltTec logo

GaltTec OÜ

Glen Kelp

Powering drones, off-grid equipment, IoT and portable devices and space equipment with microtubular solid oxide fuel cells.

Live virtual theater

Taavet Jansen

Live virtual theater as a research tool - an online platform for mapping and analyzing viewer experience.


Maido Merisalu

Develoment of portative equipment for desinfecting masks and other items and purifying air.


Martin Timusk

Alco-gel based fuel tablet with silicon compounds.


Tauno Talv

Half automatic internet service tool for the CEOs of SMEs to increase the value of the company. We make the evaluation of the current status of the company and suggest ways how to increase the value.



Hannes Kollist

The aim of the PlantInvent team is to work out an innovative solution for analyzing plant performance in the field..



Kadri Tüür

The need for different ways to spend quality time alone has significantly increased in pandemic conditions. We want to create literary hiking trails.



Sander Ratso

Up Catalyst produces a variety of graphitic materials and synthesizes metal nanoparticle modified catalysts out of secondary raw materials. We turn CO2 to pure oxygen and carbon.

lightcode photonics

LightCode Photonics

Heli Valtna

We create new generation LIDAR solution creating 3D images in real time, applicable in automotive industry.

Indrek Must

Artificial cervix

Indrek Must

As an application of soft robotics technology, we offer simulation training tools for the training of medical and healthcare professionals. The development of an artificial cervix is currently underway.

prudens logo


Pärtel Poopuu

The aim of Prudens OÜ is to develop and offer psychological trainings based on research and methodology.

mullainfo logo


Tanel Vahter

Research data and methods to evaluate and increase soil biota and fertility

Better Medicine'i meeskond

University of Tartu to acquire a stake in Better Medicine OÜ, a company that uses AI to diagnose cancer

Jaapani Yamaguchi Ülikooli ja linna esindus Tartu Ülikoolis

Representatives of Yamaguchi University and Yamaguchi City, Japan, visited the University of Tartu

Vectiopepi meeskond

Vectiopep raises €450,000 to develop novel cancer treatment technology