Psychological support for coping during difficult times

The situation in Ukraine concerns all members of the university family, directly or indirectly. Some of us are thinking of their close ones in the war zone, others are affected economically by the crisis. Most of us follow the news from Ukraine with concern. Feeling anxious and confused in this situation is a natural and understandable reaction. If possible, it is a good idea to keep to your daily routine, take time for your favourite activities and avoid overwhelming yourself with news. You can find a lot of good materials on mental health care on the website

If you feel that your life and coping is disrupted, please do not hesitate to ask for help. You can get initial support from people close to you, your family, friends, fellow students and colleagues. Psychological support is available for students from the university’s Counselling Centre (in Estonian, English or Russian) and university staff can get psychological support from staff Counsellor-Chaplain Tõnu Lehtsaar at (may be contacted in Estonian, English and Russian).

But there are also several other organisations who offer help from outside the university, many of whom also offer their services in English:

Help from outside the university is also available in the towns of University of Tartu colleges:

In Pärnu:

In Viljandi:

In Narva:

In Tallinn:

The quickest way to get help outside the university is to ask your family physician for condition assessment, initial treatment recommendations and a referral to psychological counselling, if needed.


Let’s stick together and support each other!


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