Study arrangements for continuing education

University of Tartu offers continuing education programs or individual subjects as continuing education from degree education curricula (incl. Microcredit programs). Participation in continuing education courses at the university does not require prior higher education, unless otherwise provided in the program.

In the University of Tartu, all academic structural units have the right to arrange continuing education within their field and in interdisciplinary co-operation, and administrative and support structural units in accordance with the tasks provided in the unit descriptions. The head of the structural unit is responsible for the content and arrangement of continuing education. Based on the principles of program-based study organisation, continuing education program managers and coordinators have been appointed in all structural units organising continuing education.

Continuing education is based on the general requirements of the university's study regulations in accordance with the study regulation rules, including the calculation of the volume of study, assessment of study results, etc. The studies performed in continuing education are reflected in the continuing education module of the study information system.

Instructions for creating a continuing education program and organising trainings can be found in wiki and on the intranet (in Estonian).

The field of continuing education at the university is coordinated by the Lifelong Learning Centre of the Office of Academic Affairs. If you have an interesting training topic and would like to contribute to the university's continuing education, please contact your institute's continuing education program manager or the Lifelong Learning Centre.

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