ENLIGHT network invites to a thematic seminar “A Just City”

The equity working group of the ENLIGHT network invites to a thematic online seminar “A Just City” on 8 December from 14 to 16. 

At the beginning of the seminar, Lars Löfquist, Senior Lecturer of Theology at Uppsala University, presents the ideas and the general theme of the book The Just City by Susan S. Fainstein. This is followed by short presentations by Dr Patrick Collins from the University of Galway and doctoral student Tanhua Jin from Ghent University, and a discussion. 

These thematic seminars are a new initiative of the ENLIGHT network, allowing the community of academic staff to meet, make presentations on and discuss a common topic. Its wider aim is to build educational research networks and develop new collaborations within ENLIGHT in the future. 

Registration is open via web form. Read more about the ENLIGHT network.  

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