Curriculum Feedback Questionnaire

Answering a curriculum feedback questionnaire enables students to analyse their studies until now. The questions concern the cohesion and structure of the curriculum, arrangement and environment of studies, development of student competences and the role of support services.

The questionnaire consists of statements to be assessed by the student, and open-ended questions, the answers to which enable students to explain their ideas and substantiate their opinions. If the curriculum cannot be assessed using some statements, “Not applicable” can be chosen. Students can also answer questions related to coping with studies during the Covid state of emergency and give feedback about the questionnaire. It will take about 20 minutes to complete the questionnaire.

Completed curriculum questionnaires are expected from second and final semester bachelor students and professional higher education students, final semester master’s students, and second, sixth and tenth semester integrated bachelor’s and master’s students.

The curriculum questionnaire consists of five parts with statements and multiple-choice answers. Each part finishes with an open-ended question that allows respondents to substantiate their answers and add comments. All five parts can be saved separately by clicking “Submit” at the end of the questions.

When completing the questionnaire, students should consider their learning experience in the curriculum they are studying. (For example, a student of master's studies fills the questionnaire considering the curriculum of master’s, not bachelor’s studies). If the student studies several curricula simultaneously, he or she is asked to complete a separate questionnaire for each curriculum. If English is selected as the student's SIS language, the questionnaire is provided in English.

Notification about completing the questionnaire is sent to all second and final semester bachelor’s and professional higher education students, final semester master’s students, and second, sixth and tenth semester integrated bachelor’s and master’s students. The questionnaire is voluntary but highly recommended. Every answer counts. Curricula and arrangement of studies can only be improved through assessment of the majority of students. 

Meaningful and constructive feedback is highly appreciated. Before responding to the questionnaire, it is essential to read the good practice of giving feedback. The Office of Academic Affairs has the right to delete the comments that ignore the good practice of giving feedback. The comments are deleted without associating them with the person who wrote them.

Feedback data from the questionnaire are connected with the data of the student and his/her student place in SIS, but the results of the questionnaire are publicised in the Study Information System, research and analyses only in an impersonal form. Feedback answers can be associated with a person by those who have the approrpiate level of access. The university has the legal obligation to issue the data to, for example, a court, the public prosecutor’s office, the police. Read more about personal data protection here.

The assessment of curricula takes place between 2 May and 11 June. The request to give feedback on curricula reaches students via letter and e-mail from the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs on 2 May.

Curriculum feedback can be given in SIS; the questionnaire widget can be found on the dashboard.

Results of the curriculum questionnaire will be used by programme directors of curricula and leaders of institutes for curriculum development and improvement of arrangement of studies and by the Office of Academic Affairs for development of support services. Assessment of one’s competences helps the University decide which skills should be developed. Answers to open-ended questions give important information to programme directors; other answers will be visible to all University members. Programme directors also let the students know what will improve as a result of the feedback they give.