The ENLIGHT competence framework is now available on the ENLIGHT homepage

Society and its needs are changing very rapidly today. In the coming decades, certain societal challenges will transform the labour market, education, and our everyday lives. In ENLIGHT, students work on real-world challenges of the 21st century that need our urgent attention. These involve the ENLIGHT flagship topics – equity, health, energy, digitalisation and climate change, as well as the transdisciplinary spaces between them. In addition, transversal competencies are needed to cope with the demands and challenges of the 21st century.

The ENLIGHT competence framework describes the future skills that students develop and achieve in the ENLIGHT courses and programmes, and introduces corresponding teaching and learning methods. The competence framework also gives an overview of the ENLIGHT learning formats and the criteria to be qualified as an ENLIGHT course or programme.

The competence framework is designed to inspire teachers, programme directors and instructional designers to improve their existing courses and pay attention to generic competencies. It also gives guidelines how to design ENLIGHT courses or micro-credentials and degree programmes.

We invite you to get to know the ENLIGHT competence framework on the homepage. Read more about ENLIGHT.

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Invitation to ENLIGHT Teaching and Learning Conference 2023

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ENLIGHT invites to online workshop on academic careers

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Mart Maasik Kaja Kallasega Kopenhaageni visiidil arutelu pidamas.

University's Head of Entrepreneurship Mart Maasik visited Copenhagen to gather experience of combining business and research