Graphic design and printing services

We offer design of educational, informational and promotional materials and fast, high-quality digital printing services. If the design exists, you can collect small, printed materials on the same day. We print in both large and small quantities, starting from one copy. We print larger posters on a 1.3-metre-wide plotter. 

You can order the following from us: 

  • teaching materials 
  • books, magazines 
  • leaflets, brochures, flyers 
  • posters, letters of merit and gratitude, business cards 
  • banners, logos and other company graphics 
  • newspaper advertisements 
  • presentation slides, posters and other conference materials 
  • postcards, invitations, certificates 
  • stickers 

We also offer printing services, binding and laminating of printed matter and printing on textiles. If necessary, we organise the delivery of orders. 

Rahvusülikooli 104. aastapäev

Estonia's national university 104

Tartu Ülikooli üliõpilaskonna esimees Renar Kihho kõnet pidamas

President of the University of Tartu Student Union Renar Kihho: let us work together for the best higher education

Õppeaasta avaaktus

Rector Toomas Asser at the opening ceremony of the academic year: I wish you make yourself heard both at the university and in society