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Today, rector candidates meet with students and student representatives

On 27 March at 18:30, the rector candidates Toomas Asser, Raul Eamets and Jaak Vilo meet with students in the conference centre of the University of Tartu Library (W. Struve 1). 

On 20 April, we will know who will lead the University of Tartu as a rector for the next five years. But what does a rector do anyway? What do the rector candidates think about the future of higher education funding and students’ social guarantees? In what directions would the candidates want to see the University of Tartu improve? We will seek answers to these and many more questions at the rector candidates' debate organised by the University of Tartu Student Union (UTSU). 

The debate will be moderated by Siret Siim, Vice President of Student Body. Questions can be asked in Slido both before and during the debate. Interpretation into English will be provided on Zoom

The debate will be broadcast on UTTV. For general information about the rector elections and UTSU’s expectations for the rector, see

Tartu Ülikooli rektor Toomas Asser

Toomas Asser was elected the rector of the University of Tartu

Tartu Ülikooli peahoone

RECORDING: Electoral council elects the rector of the University of Tartu

Tartu Ülikooli rektorikandidaadid

Short videos presenting rector candidates’ key objectives