University website has fresh content and form

According to Director of Administration Kstina Vallimäe, the university’s former web page was outdated and failed to meet users’ expectations. “It is important for the University of Tartu to respond to the needs of the changing world, and this is why we aim to develop an inspiring and pioneering organisational culture. The university’s website is one of the most important tools for creating our image. Its new fresh visual design will better highlight our learning opportunities, research achievements, developments, values and contribution to society,” said Vallimäe. 

What has changed and what has been made better?

  • We have updated the web content and rethought the topics that are important to us.
  • The admissions website includes a more convenient search function for curricula and continuing education programmes. A better overview of curricula allows making a more informed choice of specialisation.
  • The website has gone through a technical update and is now easy to browse on a screen of any size.
  • The website meets present-day security requirements.
  • The visual side is more creative, interesting and offers user-friendly solutions.

On 11 January, the university’s main page ( domain), the web pages of faculties and 30 academic units were launched. Other units of the university will take their pages to the new platform as soon as the content is ready.

The development of the new website continues. In the next stages, the university plans to improve the existing functions (for example, the staff contacts display) and develop new ones (for example, the vacancies' module). Also, the specific functions the library, the museums and the university magazine need for their webpages will be identified.

Temporary problems may occur on the new website. Please use the web form to let us know of any issues, so we can fix them as soon as possible. We also appreciate any general feedback on the new website.

Image: Mariana Tulf

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