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Young researchers' three-minute thesis competition takes place on 28 September 

All doctoral students and junior research fellows of the University of Tartu are invited to the university's three-minute thesis competition on 28 September to present their research to the university family, the jury and the public. The competition will be held in both Estonian and English, and a video recording will be made of each presentation. 

The three-minute thesis competition is a good opportunity for young researchers to get more public resonance for their research, develop their presentation and communication skills and hear about the work of colleagues in various other research fields. The most successful participants will receive cash prizes. The three best Estonian presenters will get the opportunity to represent the University of Tartu at the Estonian Academy of Sciences' "Science in Three Minutes" competition. The video recording of the best English presentation will be sent to the Coimbra Group 3-Minute Thesis competition. In cooperation with the ERR Novaator, we will also offer the possibility to publish the topics presented in the competition. 

To participate in the competition, complete the registration form by 14 September. In the week before the competition, all young researchers can take part in a training course in English. 

Competition participants are expected to prepare an engaging three-minute presentation in Estonian or English that gives a brief overview of the problem that prompted their research, the ways to solve it, the initial results, and the impact. The presentation should describe for whom and how the research is important and what is new and exciting about the approach. The presentation must not exceed three minutes. 

Competition "Science in Three Minutes" by the Estonian Academy of Sciences 

Those who make it to the final round of the competition of the Estonian Academy of Sciences will get the chance to take part in a research communication training in November to enhance their skills in popular science writing and on-camera presentations. At the beginning of the new year, a nationwide final competition will select the five best presenters, whose lectures will be made into a three-minute video clip in cooperation with a professional production team, which will be broadcast on ETV in spring. Viewers can choose their favourite from the video lectures shown on TV on the web page of Novaator

Coimbra Group "3MT" competition 

In spring, the video recording of the best English presentation will be sent to represent the University of Tartu at the international Coimbra Group competition. There, an international jury will select the three best among all participants, who will have the opportunity to present their work in the final competition taking place at the network's annual conference. 

Young researcher, come and tell us how your research is making the world a better place! 

More information on the competition will be published in early September. For the rules, advice and additional information, see the University of Tartu web page

The competition is organised by the University of Tartu's Office of Academic Affairs, Marketing and Communication Office and the International Cooperation and Protocol Office.

Doctoral defence: Kelli Solmelar-Duracz „The molecular and cellular mechanisms of brain plasticity impairing factors”

On August 27th 2024 Kelli Solmelar-Duracz will defend her thesis „The molecular and cellular mechanisms of brain plasticity impairing factors”.
Stefano Ciaci

Doctoral defence: Stefano Ciaci “Transfinite geometric properties of the unit ball in Banach spaces”

Doctoral defence: Helle-Mai Piirsoo "Mechanical Properties of Nanocomposites with Artificial Periodic Structure"

On 29 August at 14:00, Helle-Mai Piirsoo will defend her doctoral thesis "Mechanical Properties of Nanocomposites with Artificial Periodic Structure".