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A place with five seasons

Springtime in Pärnu County brings blossoming plants, returning birds and melting snow, and is the time for those interested in taking river trips as the water level is high and boats move faster. Memorable experiences are gained in the flooded areas. Soomaa is the largest flooded area in Estonia and the locals there tolerate the flood waters as they have had centuries to adjust to them. There is a saying that there are five seasons in Soomaa: spring, summer, autumn, winter and flood.


Discover the coast in a kayak

A kayak trip is just the right pastime for those loving nature, seas and crazy adventures. Discover the Pärnu County coast with a tour guide, paddle to islets, or see the city’s sights from the river or the bay.


A lot of fun from a watery joyride

Pärnu beach, with no rocks and shallow waters, is the safest place for surfing in Estonia and Scandinavia. On the beach promenade you will find a surf club and a surfing area where beginners can take lessons and rent the necessary equipment. Water activities are also available in the city centre; for instance, try cable wakeboarding in our summer wakepark. This environmentally friendly and easy sport is enjoyable for both kids and their parents.


To the sea with local fishermen

In Pärnu County you can be a real fisherman, which means getting up at daybreak when nets are cast into cool waters and taken out the next morning with their daily catch. You can fish with our coastal fishermen all year round. Pärnu River is a singular sight in the winter too when its icy lid is dotted with fishermen late into the night. Pikeperch, bass, pike, roach and crucian carp mainly bite here, but if you are really lucky, you may even catch a sea trout.


The adventure park attracts everybody

In the adventure park in Valgerand near Pärnu, both adventurous adults and kids over a metre tall can safely climb the attractions built high above the ground. The bridges and various obstacle courses on the trees allow you to experience something unique and enjoy views so much more different than those when walking on the ground. If there are at least a dozen adventurers in a group, you can all climb the trees and go on a photo hunt.


A popular place for bird watching

Both Pärnu County and the whole of West Estonia are important migration passages for millions of migratory birds who pass through here every spring and autumn. In special observation towers erected on the coast you can watch the birds on your own or take a guided tour. Both expert ornithologists as well as beginners discovering the world of birds will find this experience fulfilling.



Pärnu County is the land of marshes and bogs. You can discover most of them by walking along wooden tracks, but in places without such tracks you can bogshoe. Bogshoes are very environmentally friendly because they do not allow you to sink into the bog and damage the delicate soil. You can have a wonderful experience both in the autumn when the bogs are full of colour and in the winter when snow tracks offer hints of animal life.


A joyful trip on a push-sledge

It is a great joy to glide through snowy forests and over slippery ice in a light and fast push-sledge. If you care for beautiful winter nature, this is the entertainment for you. On a sporty trip you will enjoy snowy views, hot tea, great company and fascinating stories about the surroundings. We guarantee you blushing cheeks and a good mood!


A seminar in a bog

Nature lovers in Pärnu County can organise seminars and other business activities outside the office, amidst flowers and tweeting birds, even if it is just for a day. Wireless Internet is generally available in parks, and bogs as well.


Fresh air does you good

Clean sea air, pine forests and bogs spreading across the countryside invite you to cleanse your body and soul. In our parks you may spot yoga practitioners or hear the infectious sound of laugh therapy.