Internationally influential research 

The University of Tartu is among the top 1% of the world's most cited research institutions in 15 research areas. The university has been the most successful in Estonia in establishing European Research Area (ERA) Chairs. The university's seven ERA Chairs have attracted top researchers from all over the world to bring further excellence to a number of research areas. Our researchers have also received seven European Research Council (ERC) grants, which are among the most prestigious in the world of research.

Grants of the European Research Council (ERC) 

European Research Area (ERA) Chairs 


Doctoral Defense: Natàlia Pujol Gualdo "Decoding genetic associations of female reproductive health traits"

Jaan Vihalemm

Industrial doctoral student combines work and studies

Doctoral defence: Üllas Linder "Adam Reinhold Schiewe. Biography of the Founder of the First Estonian Baptist Congregation"

10. juunil kell 16.15 kaitseb Üllas Linder religiooniuuringute erialal doktoritööd „Adam Reinhold Schiewe. Esimese Eesti baptistikoguduse rajaja elulugu“.