National University 103rd anniversary ball

The ball takes place on 1 December at 20:00 in Vanemuine Concert Hall, doors are opened at 19:00. The evening will be filled with music by Estraadiraadio and their fabulous soloists, Kaire Vilgats and Ott Lepland.

You can participate in a lucky draw supporting the University of Tartu Scholarship Fund for Ukrainian StudentsDiscount ticket for students 20 €. Regular ticket 30 €. Group discounts: four discount tickets 60 €, four regular tickets 100 €. All the tickets have been sold out!

Rahvusülikooli 104. aastapäev

Estonia's national university 104

Tartu Ülikooli üliõpilaskonna esimees Renar Kihho kõnet pidamas

President of the University of Tartu Student Union Renar Kihho: let us work together for the best higher education

Õppeaasta avaaktus

Rector Toomas Asser at the opening ceremony of the academic year: I wish you make yourself heard both at the university and in society