ENLIGHT invites students to a course on religion

University of Tartu students are invited to apply for a blended course “Who Owns Religion” hosted by the University of Göttingen. The aim of the course offered within the ENLIGHT network is to discuss contemporary religious challenges, connect theory and practice in the study of religion and theology, and engage students in reflections about the ethical dimensions of researching, practising, teaching and conveying religion. 

The course consists of three thematic blocks: who owns theology, who owns the academic study of religion, and who owns ethics. The course is taught by experts from all over the world, including Blessen George Babu from India with “The Sacred Lotus: Transcending the Boundaries of Heterogeneous Cultural Identities” and Behnaz Ghazi Moradi from Iran with “Religion in Iran through the works of female artists”. 

The course is free of charge and held as a blended intensive programme. The face-to-face learning period takes place from 22 to 30 April 2023 in the University of Göttingen and the online learning period from 1 May to 4 June. Participants can apply for the Erasmus+ support for short-term blended mobility (70 euros per day). Completing the course gives the student 6 ECTS.    

The Erasmus+ blended intensive course welcomes students from all partner universities of ENLIGHT. Application is open until 3 February via SoleMove (see the guidelines below). Up to ten students from the University of Tartu will be selected to participate. The selected students will be informed by 10 February. The course is not suitable for students who aim to graduate in spring 2023. 

Read more about ENLIGHT and the course.  

Please make sure you are familiar with the terms and grants of Erasmus+ blended mobility before submitting the application! 

Erasmus+ blended mobility application should be submitted via the  SoleMOVE system as follows:   

  1. Select “University of Tartu” from the list   

  1. Log into the system by using your UT credentials   

  1. From the menu on the left, choose "Application form for short student mobility"   

  1. Click "New" to start creating an application   

  1. Choose “Study" for the type of mobility   

  1. Select application period (competition call) from the list: “Blended Intensive Programme (BIP)”   

  1. Click "save" to save the draft and start filling out the application.    


Start filling out the application from the second tab (exchange study information), not from the first (personal data). It is important because the application template will change according to the chosen programme (Erasmus+ Europe).  

Make the following selections in the form:   


• Exchange study information: Germany, University of Göttingen, D GOTTING01  

• Exchange program: Erasmus+ Europe   

• Mobility: Blended   

• Home institution: Institute of Cultural Research 

• Departmental coordinator: Helen Kästik 

• Duration of your exchange: 22 to 30 April 2023  

• Enclosures: upload a short letter of motivation 


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