Andero Kalju

Calculation of admissions scores

To assess the candidate's academic potential, the University of Tartu has established one or more academic indicators for each study programme to be assessed by Admission's Committee. 

In broad terms, the candidates' academic performance is measured based on the following: motivation letter; entrance interview, average grade, essay or portfolio (=indicators). 

For admission selection, final admissions' score is calculated based on one or several of these above listed indicators.

To calculate final admissions score, each indicator is assessed and expressed in points. In order to be considered eligible for admissions, each indicator must give at least 51 points (out of 100 as the maximum).

If there are several indicators to be considered, each has its share (expressed in %) of the final score. To get the admissions' final score, points given for a particular indicator (in the scale of 1-100) are multiplied with its share for admissions. If there are several indicators, these multiplied results are added up and divided by 100.

For example, there are two criteria assessed – motivation and average grade of the prior studies – and both of them make 50 % of the final score. An applicant got 86 points for the motivation letter and 80 points for the average grade of prior studies. The final admissions score is ((86x50)+(80x50))/100=83 points.

The maximum final score to be obtained at the assessment is 100 points. The minimum positive score for ranking is 66 points, thus candidates having lower final admissions score than 66 points are not considered eligible, and cannot be selected for ranking.