ENLIGHT RISE has prepared a toolkit to foster researchers’ cooperation

The ENLIGHT Research & Innovation Support Group has prepared a toolkit for researchers to assist them in building their collaborative research proposals. It aims to be meaningful and useful for the researchers of the nine ENLIGHT universities by introducing them to ENLIGHT and enabling them to start and develop research collaborations within the network. 

The toolkit was analysed and approved by a panel of nine researchers, one from each ENLIGHT university. Researchers welcomed the creation of a toolkit that includes an explanation of the different research support bodies, how they interact among themselves, and a description of the research tools and mechanisms that ENLIGHT RISE puts at their service. Thanks to the toolkit, researchers are provided with an overview of the existing documents that help them prepare a good research and innovation proposal. 

Read more about the toolkit and the ENLIGHT network

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Invitation to ENLIGHT Teaching and Learning Conference 2023

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ENLIGHT invites to online workshop on academic careers

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Mart Maasik Kaja Kallasega Kopenhaageni visiidil arutelu pidamas.

University's Head of Entrepreneurship Mart Maasik visited Copenhagen to gather experience of combining business and research