Excellence of University of Tartu in business and economics confirmed once again

On 6 November, the Times Higher Education World University Rankings (THE) published more rankings by subject, where the placement of the University of Tartu’s business and economics programmes moved up to range 201-250, which is its highest ranking to date.

Head of University of Tartu Faculty of Economics and Business Administration Kadri Ukrainski said that the recognition brings great joy and confirms that the faculty’s long-term efforts have been fruitful. “It is particularly pleasing to be at a high place in the joint field of business and economics,” Ukrainski said, “this is quite rare on the global scale. We view it as one of our strengths and we see that the synergy of those fields in both studies and research is the only possible solution for Estonia.”

“Public discussions show how desperately Estonia needs economists who understand economy from the perspective of both the state and entrepreneurs,” said Ukrainski and added that the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration is very proud of its lecturers and researchers and alumni.

THE ranks world universities on the basis of many indicators. It considers the level of teaching and research but also entrepreneurship cooperation, research citations and international visibility and cooperation. “Even though all indicators show that we are the best in Estonia in our field, I would like to highlight our international study and research possibilities and entrepreneurship cooperation,” Ukrainski analysed the background of another improvement in the ranking.

The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration is set to move to the University of Tartu Delta Centre in the beginning of 2020. As the programmes of the faculty have moved up to the same range as those of the university’s Institute of Computer Science, Ukrainski expressed hope that the exciting and mutually beneficial cooperation and competition relationship in the Delta Centre will force both the faculty and the institute to make an even greater effort. “For instance, this concerns the field of entrepreneurship agreements, even though we are currently number one in Estonia in terms of the volume of entrepreneurship agreements,” said Ukrainski. She expressed confidence that gathering the knowledge of several fields in one centre will be beneficial for the whole region of Tartu and Southern Estonia and noted that focusing on the development of cooperation will hopefully lead to new and higher rankings.

Another Estonian university featured in the ranking of business and economics programmes is TalTech, which is placed in the group beginning with place 501.

Of the universities of neighbouring countries, Aalto University in Finland ranks the highest at 54; the second university that ranks among the top 100 is Lund University in Sweden at 75. The second hundred includes Charles University in Prague, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Stockholm University, Chalmers University of Technology and Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology.

In addition to the rankings of business and economics, on 6 November, THE also published the rankings of education science programmes, in which the University of Tartu falls within the range 301-400, and the rankings of social science programmes, where it falls within the same range. 

THE publishes the rankings of subjects in four stages. The first stage confirms the world-class quality of the University of Tartu’s arts and humanities and the second revealed the excellent position of its computer science. The rankings of medicine and life sciences are set to be published last in November.

In the overall ranking of subjects, the University of Tartu falls within the range 301-350.

For further information, please contact: Kadri Ukrainski, Head of University of Tartu Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, 737 6360, kadri.ukrainski@ut.ee