Media association names scientific council most press-friendly in 2021

Lead editors of media outlets in the Estonian Association of Media Enterprises named the COVID-19 scientific advisory committee friend of the press at a virtual annual meeting on Friday.

Thus, the most press-friendly public figures of 2021 include Irja Lutsar, professor at the Institute of Biomedicine and Translational Medicine of the University of Tartu, Krista Fischer, professor of mathematical statistics at the University of Tartu, Andero Uusberg, associate professor of affective psychology at the Institute of Psychology of the University of Tartu, chief of medicine at the North Estonia Medical Center (PERH) and professor of surgical diseases at the University of Tartu, Pilleriin Soodla, doctor at the department for infectious diseases at Tartu University Hospital, and Andres Merits, professor of applied virology at the University of Tartu.

The lead editors emphasized that the members of the scientific council are always available and explain in their best knowledge and faith the details and trends related to the coronavirus and share recommendations on how society should behave. Members of the scientific council have also dared to oppose politicians. Because of their openness and sincerity, they have had to endure unfounded and ruthless criticism from a certain section of society, which has been directed at them completely baselessly, and have also put their personal sense of security at risk.

For the third year in a row, members of the Association of Media Enterprises decided not to name a foe of the press in order to not contribute further to negativity and hate speech in society.

The title, founded in 1994, was issued for the 28th time this year. The friend of the press will receive an inscribed megaphone, made by metal artist Ive-Maria Koogard.

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