Airi Vetemaa

Markus Vetemaa starts his third term of office as director of Estonian Marine Institute

On 27 February, the council of the Estonian Marine Institute re-elected Markus Vetemaa, Professor in Fisheries, as director of the institute.

Markus Vetemaa
According to the director, the institute has been able to bring its infrastructure to a new level in recent years with the strong support of the university. “Just as we planned three years ago, extensions to the institute’s building in Tallinn and to Pärnu marine laboratory have been completed, and a new service building with state-of-the-art utilities will soon be ready at the Kõiguste laboratory complex in Saaremaa. With its ideal location, Kõiguste will be our future focus of infrastructure development. We are currently designing a mesocosm building that will hopefully bring our experimental capability to a world-class level. The completed “hardware” will allow us to focus more on “software” in the future,” said Markus Vetemaa, summing up the work of the last three years.

According to Vetemaa, the high level of the institute’s research is confirmed by the large number and broad range of its research projects. Yet he sees the need and opportunities for development. Since modern research goes hand in hand with degree studies, the institute council wants to expand its teaching activities. This is the only way to attract young talent from Estonia and abroad. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to realise our vision of the Estonian Marine Institute as one of the most important competence centres of marine science in the Baltic Sea region, with an international team of scientists covering the diversity of marine research," said Vetemaa. 

The new three-year term of office of the director of the Estonian Marine Institute will begin on 25 March.

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