Student Advisers in Faculties

On this page you can find faculty student advisers (academic affairs specialist, coordinator etc). Please contact them directly with study related questions.  


Student Adviser

Phone number


Dean's office of Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Institute of History and Archaeology

History, PhD

Kaili Kaseorg-Cremona

737 5651

  Ene Leius 737 5656
  Aasa Saavaste 737 5650

Institute of Estonian and General Linguistics

Estonian and Finno-Ugric Linguistics, PhD

Andrea Nagy

737 5423

  Ülle Niin 737 5227

Institute of Philosophy and Semiotics

Philosophy, MA, PhD Ruth Jürjo 737 5314

Semiotics, MA

Tuuli Pern

737 5954

Semiotics and Culture Studies, PhD

Ulvi Urm

737 5933

Institute of Cultural Research

Literature and Cultural Research, PhD

Elica Mateo Krikk

737 5319

  Sille Vadi 737 5223

Folkloristics and Applied Heritage Studies, MA

Rika Tapper

737 5304

School of Theology and Religious Studies

Theology and Religious Studies, PhD

Kairi Ots

737 5301

Institute of Foreign Languages and Cultures

European Languages and Cultures, MA

Age Allas

737 6255

Russian and Slavonic Philology, PhD 

Viivika Voodla

737 5212

Germanic and Romance Languages and Literatures, PhD Marilii Adamson 737 5218
Viljandi Culture Academy 
Sound and Visual Technology, MA Maarja Raudvee 434 5805


Student Adviser

Phone number


Dean's office of Faculty of Social Sciences

Institute of Education

Educational Sciences, PhD

Ivi Annuk

737 5082

Educational Technology, MA


737 6456


Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies

European Union - Russia Studies, MA

Politics and governance in the digital age, MA; International Relations and Regional Studies, MA


Eelika Laane-Hannus


737 6212

Central and Eastern European, Russian and Eurasian Studies, MA Linda Liis Tanni 737 5154 

Political Science, PhD

Aigi Hommik

737 5583

School of Economics and Business Administration

Economics, PhD; Business Administration, PhD; Contemporary Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, MA; Entrepreneurship in Economic Policymaking, MA

Anneli Kütt

737 6318

Business Administration, BA; Quantitative Economics, MA; Innovation and Technology Management, MA

Maris Luhamets

737 6317

Institute of Psychology

Psychology, PhD

Marju Tammiste

737 5902

  Kertu Ird 737 5903

School of Law

Law (Tartu), PhD

Katri Holst

737 6062

International Law and Human Rights (Tallinn), MA

Ille Peek

627 1871


Lehte Leesik

627 1892
Information Technology Law (Tartu), MA Erika Anna Kaldvee 737 6065

Institute of Social Studies

Media and Communication, PhD; Sociology, PhD

Maiu Reinhold

737 5697

Disinformation and Societal Resilience, MA Kathriin Liiber 737 5190

Pärnu college

Wellness and Spa Service Design and Management, MA

Helen Viik

445 0537

  Sülvi Mölder 445 0535


Student Adviser

Phone number


Dean's office of Faculty of Medicine

Medicine, MD, PhD; Pharmacy, PhD; Neurosciences, PhD

Kadri Veeperv

737 5328

  Liina Pärnamäe 737 5328

Institute of Sport Sciences and Physiotherapy

Exercise and Sport Sciences, PhD

Margit Mägimets

737 5360


Student Adviser

Phone number


Dean's office of Faculty of Science and Technology

Institute of Computer Science

Computer Science, MSc; Software Engineering, MSc; Cybersecurity, MSc

Paula Luks

737 5864,

Computer Science, PhD Jaanika Seli 737 6426

Institute of Physics

Materials Science and Technology, MSc Küllike Rägo 737 5570

Institute of Chemistry

Chemistry, PhD; Molecular Engineering, PhD Excellence in Analytical Chemistry, MSc; Applied Measurement Science, MSc; Materials and Processes for Sustainable Energetics, MSc

Urve Soonets

737 5235

Institute of Mathematics and Statistics

Mathematics, PhD; Mathematical Statistics, PhD; Actuarial and Financial Engineering, MSc;

Kelli Kalda

737 5453

Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology

Gene Technology, PhD; Molecular and Cell Biology, PhD

Lilian Kadaja-Saarepuu

737 5016

Institute of Bioengineering

Science and Technology, BSc; Bioengineering, MSc Liili Laan 737 5043

Institute of Technology

Bioengineering, MSc

Liili Laan

737 5043

Computer Engineering, BSc; Robotics and Computer Engineering, MSc

Liina Katherine Viikmaa 737 4882

Engineering and Technology, PhD

Liina Katherine Viikmaa 737 4882

Institute of Ecology and Earth Sciences

Geoinformatics for Urbanised Society, MSc; Geography, PhD; Environmental Technology, PhD; Botany and Ecology, PhD; Geology, PhD; Zoology and Hydrobiology, PhD; Educational Science, PhD

Margret Sisask

737 5835

This table is updated once a year at the beginning of academic year. If something needs changing, please contact:

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