The University of Tartu expands business contacts to Finland

On Wednesday, May 15, the delegation of the University of Tartu, headed by Rector Volli Kalm, together with the Estonian Embassy Helsinki introduces to the Finnish entrepreneurs the possibilities of creating cooperation relationships with the University of Tartu.

The University of Tartu has conducted many successful cooperation projects in Estonia with both private and public sector companies, being a cooperation partner in scientific as well as development work. Belonging to the top 3% of the world's best universities, the scientists of the University of Tartu have world class knowledge and know-how that cannot only be shared with Estonian companies but also internationally.

The delegation of the Univesity of Tartu gives Finnish entrepreneurs an overview about the services offered by the university, including the science fields and technology transition. In the meeting, scientific reports are being presented by Vice Rector for Research Marco Kirm, research professor of the Estonian Academy of Sciences Rein Ahas and academician and the director of Estonian Genome Centre of the University of Tartu Andres Metspalu.

In his report "Toolbox for using BIG Telecom data for applications in tourism, logistics and urban studies", Ahas speaks about the possibilities of using telecommunication data in tourism, logistics and urban studies. In his report "The Estonian Biobank as a launchpad for precision medicine", Andres Metspalu speaks about as the genome centre as a provider of a more precise medical starting platform and Marco Kirm speaks about the possibilities of using high technological materials in his report "Advanced materials for sustainable power generation and storage, nanoelectronics and corrosion protection".

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