University of Tartu invites you to join the ENLIVE project

The University of Tartu invites bachelor's and master's students to participate in a virtual exchange project ENLIVE hosted by the University of Bordeaux. The course takes place from 28 February until 8 April 2022. 

Over 6 weeks, students meet in small groups of 8-12 participants for 2 hours via Zoom to engage in intercultural dialogue and work towards their social media campaign. Students will select and research a topic from a set of broad areas in order to design and disseminate a social media campaign. Potential areas are: 

  • Body image and social media  
  • Climate change and youth activism  
  • Disability in society 
  • Diversity on screen  
  • Gender and education  
  • Science denial and anti-science movements 

The social media campaigns made by students will be shared on the Espace Langues Instagram page of the University of Bordeaux. 

Application is open until 6 February.  

The course has been developed as part the Enlight project for students from all nine Enlight universities.


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