Educational technology services

The Lifelong Learning Centre of the Office of Academic Affairs offers educational technology services to teachers and lecturers of higher education institutions and vocational education institutions. Not every school has an educational technologist to help create interactive learning materials. The educational technology services provided by the centre enable you to improve the quality of e-courses and learning objects.

We offer educational technology services to anyone who wants to: higher education institutions, vocational education institutions, general education schools and companies.

It is possible to order the technical implementation of the e-course study materials or learning objects.

The following works can be ordered from us:

  • website design (eg conference, project, etc.) (includes text, tables, graphics, integrated video or audio clips, etc.)
  • creating a content package
  • creating animations and complex objects (3-D, etc.)
  • creating instructional materials in the form of screen videos
  • creation of an electronic test or questionnaire
  • individual counseling on e-course creation (methodologies and technologies)
  • e-course design in a web-based learning environment (home page design, course structuring, addition of tools and materials)
  • e-course accommodation in UT Moodle environment

Look the pricelist (in Estonian)

NB! The structural units of the University of Tartu are paid (unless marked “free of charge”) for those services that are not related to the study activities of the university (degree or continuing education).

Additional services from 29.03.2020:

  • technical support for organizing a web conference (setting up and managing a presentation room, technical advice for participants, setting up and managing a live web solution)
  • video recording and processing

Look the pricelist of additional services (in Estonian)

If you have additional questions or would like to order the service, please send an e-mail to:

UT Lifelong Learning Centre

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