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Free Movers

Visiting students (free movers) study at the University of Tartu independently, outside of any partnership agreement or exchange programme. Visiting students must be currently enrolled at a university/higher education institution in order to come to study either for a semester or an academic year. Semester/year studies and programmes do not lead to a degree. Upon completion of studies students receive a transcript with credits (ECTS) earned.


Application deadlines

Application deadline

Autumn semester and academic year


April 15

Application deadline

Spring semester



November 1

Application deadline

PhD level students


All year round. It is required to submit the application documents at least 2 months before the intended stay in Tartu.

You need to submit online application form with following enclosures:

  1. Copy of valid identification document (non EU applicants – copy of the passport page stating the applicant's personal information)
  2. Proof of English language skills for students currently enrolled at their home university in a programme with a language of instruction other than English. See below for further language requirement information.
  3. Official certification/proof of the student’s enrolment with the original seal and name with signature of an authorized official. Certification/proof of the student’s enrolment must include:
  • Official transcript of records issued by home University with original seal and name and the signature of an authorised official (not required from PhD students)
    • Starting date of the enrolment/registration
    • Name and level of the programme the student is enrolled/registered to
    • Duration of studies, that is the standard period of studies foreseen for the particular programme
    • Expected graduation date/end of the programme

Please make sure the above named information is provided either in the format of one or two documents, and the document(s) must bear an original seal and name with signature of an authorized official.

The electronic copies of all the required documents have to be uploaded to the application system, to your online application.
Please do not send your documents by post until you have been personally asked to do so. Once you have been asked to send your documents by post you must arrange the official transcript of records or proof of enrolment (only for PhD level students) to be sent in a sealed envelope directly from your educational institution. The official transcript must have a recent date of issue.
The University does not accept simple copies made on the basis of already certified copies.

Admission information will be sent through the application system within 5 weeks after the application deadline.

Additional information

Student applications are assessed on the basis of the following:

  • the scope, content, and success of the preceding studies;
  • the application for admission as a whole (the application is complete).

Visiting students whose primary language is not English must meet the level B2 requirements for English proficiency according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Please view these requirements here: European Levels-Self Assessment Grid

Documented evidence is needed to demonstrate your English language proficiency. This could include an official letter from a language instructor at your university stating that your English skills are sufficient to study abroad. If you have taken an international test of the English language (TOEFL, IELTS, etc.), please send us a copy of the test score. Minimum TOEFL iBT: 75; IELTS (academic): 5.5 p (no part can be below 5.5).

Visiting students are free to design their own study plan and choose courses from different faculties. At the University of Tartu, tuition fee is established by academic units and by students’ level (bachelor; master). Tuition fee to be charged from a visiting students is thus related to the three criteria:

  • visiting student’s study level at home university;
  • faculty, college visiting student is admitted to at the University of Tartu (UT);
  • number of credit points visiting student signs up for at UT.

For example: If you are currently studying as a bachelor level student  at your home university and are admitted to the Faculty of Medicine  at UT and take some courses from the Faculty of Medicine and some courses from the Faculty of Philosophy – you pay tuition fee according to the credit point price established for the Faculty of Medicine.

Tuition fee invoice is created after the deadline for registration and cancellation to courses is over – about 2 weeks from the beginning of the semester has started and student has fixed and confirmed study plan for particular semester. Student will have 14 days to pay the tuition fee.

Visiting students are required to complete at least 15 ECTS per semester, except PhD!

Full-time students take usually 30 ECTS per semester.

Prices per credit point/semester fee in different faculties in 2023/24 and 2024/25:

FACULTY (both bachelor's and master's levels) CREDIT POINT


Faculty of Arts and Humanities 80 2000
Faculty of Social Sciences 80 2000
Faculty of Medicine 200 6000
Faculty of Science and Technology 120 3000

*Student can also pay fixed semester fee and take as many courses as (s)he wishes.

The University of Tartu will start processing the documents after the application deadline. Students will get feedback on their progress through the application system SoleMove.

The decision of admission will be made within 5 weeks after the application deadline. The accepted students will be notified of their admissions (including receiving an admission letter) via SoleMove.

However, the students can and should check their status in SoleMove during this 5-week period to be informed earlier than receiving the admissions’ decision!

Please note! We do not check documents that are sent by email as all required documents must be uploaded to the application system SoleMove.