Research funding and project management

Grant Office is a support unit of the University of Tartu that helps researchers, teaching staff and students to find and apply for grants for both research and the development of teaching. 

  • We help look for funding opportunities based on the researcher’s and the institution’s profile, thus increasing the capacity to attract external funding and improving R&D performance.  
  • We coordinate centrally the adninistration of the university’s research and development projects.   
  • Within the university, we support researchers at different stages of project management, from writing project proposals to reporting and preparing final reports. 
  • One of our services is helping researchers write project proposals, and providing support for participating in international research and innovation partnerships.  
  • We also contribute to developing national and international research and development policy by actively participating in research communication and strengthening of university networks. 


Further information is available on university’s intranet

Grant Office contacts 


Doctoral Defense: Natàlia Pujol Gualdo "Decoding genetic associations of female reproductive health traits"

Doctoral defence: Üllas Linder "Adam Reinhold Schiewe. Biography of the Founder of the First Estonian Baptist Congregation"

10. juunil kell 16.15 kaitseb Üllas Linder religiooniuuringute erialal doktoritööd „Adam Reinhold Schiewe. Esimese Eesti baptistikoguduse rajaja elulugu“.
Illustration with lines

Opening of the Estonian Centre of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence