Torchlight procession marking the 103rd anniversary of Estonia’s national university

The traditional torchlight procession marking the national university’s anniversary starts in front of the academic building at Vanemuine 46 on 1 December at 17:00.

The university flag and the flag of Estonia lead the procession, followed by the representatives of the faculties, administration and support structure and institutions of the university. They are followed by academic student societies in the order of seniority and other student organisations and students.

The gathering for the procession begins at 16:45. If possible, please bring your own torch!

University of Tartu

Broadcasted: the ceremony of the 103rd anniversary of Estonia's national university

Rahvusülikooli aastapäeva pidustused

Anniversary ball takes place on Thursday


University of Tartu Family Day on First Advent

The University of Tartu invites everyone with their family to the museum on the first Sunday of Advent, 27 November, at 15:0