Tartu observatoorium

2023: Tõravere O-düsseia

Tartu Observatory in Tõravere once again welcomes all orienteering and hiking ethusiasts to the annual orienteering event on March 14th. Organisers have prepared several courses, the shortest is confined to the observatory park territory and Tõravere village, longer ones venture further out to the forests on bank of Elva river. Of course, one can also take a map, walk around and make one's own route.

Competition centre is located behind the main building of Tartu Observatory. Start is open from 12 to 15 o'clock, finish closes at 15.30. SportIdent cards for electronic timekeeping are provided by the organisers.

The event is free for all participants and takes place no matter the weather!


Estonian Basketball Championship finals between University of Tartu Maks & Moorits and BC Kalev/Cramo have begun

The second game of the Estonian Basketball Championship final series between University of Tartu Maks & Moorits and BC Kalev/Cramo will start on Tuesday, 23 May, at 19 at the UT Sports Hall.
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Naine koos kellaga.

This spring’s orienteering event marks the 50th anniversary of the graduation of the first psychology degree students

Tartu Ülikooli maskott Tiksu kevadjooksul

University family is invited to the Spring Run