Erasmus+ Europe partner institutions

The University of Tartu's academic units have signed over 800 student exchange agreements valid for 2024/25 with institutions across Europe. Each of these partnership agreements concerns a specific area of study, specifies the maximum number of participants, and the duration of the exchange.

Partner universities of the academic subunits can be found via the destination search of the study abroad tool SoleMOVE.
Select your academic subunit listed under "Your home unit" (institute, school, college, department) and set the criterias for "Advanced search":

  • Select a country: choose the Erasmus+ program country you are interested in;
  • Type of exchange: Studying;
  • Exchange program: Erasmus+ Europe;
  • Application period: Choose your Faculty, for example- Faculty of Medicine (Erasmus+ Europe academic year 2024/25) 01.02.2024.-08.03.2024*;
  • Study level: Bachelor, Master, or Doctorate (choose your study level).

*Indicating the "Application period" is only relevant in case the competition call is currently open or soon to be announced. When searching for the partner universities outside the active period of recruitment of participants, leave this field empty. 

Some guidelines for choosing a partner university from the search result:

  • Make sure that the exchange opportunity is open to students from your study area (see the EU subject area);
  • Take a look at the foreign university's website for incoming exchange students: what courses do they offer? What is the language of instruction? How does their academic calendar suit you? 
  • Consult your Departmental Erasmus Coordinator, Program Director or Supervisor when choosing a host university.

Erasmus+ partnerships are agreed by

Erasmus Departmental Coordinators


Erasmus+ Programme exchange studies at ENLIGHT universities.

ENLIGHT* is an alliance of European universities established in 2020. It is formed by ten comprehensive, research-intensive universities from ten European countries: Belgium (Ghent University), Estonia (University of Tartu), France (University of Bordeaux), Germany (Georg-August-Universität Göttingen), Ireland (University of Galway), Netherlands (University of Groningen), Slovakia (Comenius University Bratislava), Spain (University of the Basque Country), Sweden (Uppsala universitet) and Switzerland (University of Bern).

To foster the student exchange, the network has an Erasmus+ cooperation agreement that allows UT students, with no restrictions for disciplines, to apply for semester studies at the network's universities.

To choose the right ENLIGHT university:

  • Make sure there are no limits on accepting students from your study field (see the table below);
  • Find out what courses are available in your discipline. The universities’ websites usually have this info in the section designed for incoming exchange students. The ENLIGHT universities websites can be best accessed here;
  • Consult your programme director or supervisor if you have a question about whether the courses offered match with your UT curriculum.
  • Your institute may also have a cooperation agreement with some of the ENLIGHT universities. If that is the case, it is preferred that you apply based on the institute's agreement.
Receiving universityStudy areas not accepted
University of the Basque CountryMedicine, Business and Economics (accepted based on faculty agreements only)
University of BernHuman Medicine, Dental Medicine
Georg-August-Universität GöttingenHuman Medicine, Dental Medicine, Mathematics and Informatics
University of GroningenMedicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Law
Ghent UniversityMedicine
Comenius University in BratislavaMedicine, Dentistry
University of Galway 
Uppsala universitetClinical Medicine, Economics (Business available)
University of BordeauxMedical sciences, pharmaceutical sciences and dental sciences 

ENLGHT Course Catalogue

The ENLIGHT network has launched a digital Course Catalogue, which allows ENLIGHT students to search for all the courses available for application in the ENLIGHT European University. The catalogue includes courses meant for exchange students as well as virtual courses. 

Jaan Vihalemm

Industrial doctoral student combines work and studies

Enlighti kaasatuse konkurss

University of Tartu students welcome to apply for ENLIGHT Inclusion Award 2024

Kadri Voorand

Musician Kadri Voorand to be the new Professor of Liberal Arts at the University of Tartu