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Study in Australia with AEN

Student exchange with universities belonging to the AEN network are carried out under the Utrecht Network. The AEN (Australian-European Network) unites six universities in Australia: Edith Cowan University in Perth, Central Queensland University, Griffith University in Queensland, Western Sydney University in Sydney, University of Tasmania and University of Wollongong.

Exchange students are guaranteed free tuition at a foreign university.


Expenses for accommodation, food, travel, visa and study materials must be covered by the student.


Application process
Students of all specialities and levels of study can apply. However, in selecting a university, it is important to make sure which programmes are offered - some universities do not admit exchange students to all specialities (law and medical studies are most commonly excluded). Further information is available on the AEN website.

It is possible to apply for one or two semesters: from July to December and/or from February to July. When applying, students must submit a list of three preferred universities; and later successful applicants will be placed in one of the preferred universities by the respective committee of the Utrecht Network.

NB! When applying to AEN-network, it is not possible to apply to MAUI-network in the same year.

The primary decision on selecting students is made by the University of Tartu grant committee. The student exchange coordinator forwards information of the selected students to the AEN committee, who will then place the students in host universities. Next, students need to send their documents to the respective host universities, who makes a final decision on the admission of the student.

As the process as a whole is quite time consuming, students applying should bear in mind that final decisions may be made as late as April or May.



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