Application fee

International candidates applying to bachelor's or master's programmes at the University of Tartu are required to pay a non-refundable application fee of EUR 100.

The application fee is required to facilitate the admissions process and will not be refunded, regardless of the admission result.

Applicants are exempt from the application fee if:
1) they have Estonian citizenship or
2) they have completed the previous study level in Estonia or
3) they have been admitted to the same study programme and sent hard copies of their application to UT in 2022 or 
4) they have been enrolled in the University of Tartu in the same study level in the academic year 2020/2021 or later.

Please note that there are no additional exemptions from the application fee.

An application will only be processed after the fee has been received by the university.

How can I pay the application fee?

  • make sure you are able to submit all required documents by the application deadline before paying the application fee
  • paying the application fee alone does not grant the right to enter into competition, all other necessary documents (such as proof of English language proficiency and educational documents) must be submitted by the given deadline as well
  • University of Tartu does not extend the deadline for submitting the required documents due to COVID-19 related problems
  • applicants who are unable to submit the required documents by the application deadline this year are encouraged to apply next year
  • paying the fee of EUR 100 enables to choose two study programmes at maximum. All applicants are expected to give careful attention to the chosen programme(s)’ admission requirements prior to making the payment
  • the university will not refund payments made in error
  • unsuccessful applications which are resubmitted in the following admission period are not exempt from the requirement to pay the application fee

The payment must be made by the application deadline at the latest

English-taught master's programmes - March 15
English-taught bachelor's programmes - April 15
Bachelor's and master's level programmes instructed in Estonian - June 1
Entrepreneurship in Economic Policymaking - September 15

To pay the application fee via credit card you can use:  UT credit card payment system
NB! Make sure pop-ups are allowed in your browser settings (the window for card details opens as a pop-up!). Once the card payment is made, a confirmation email is sent - please save it as a PDF file or make a screenshot and attach it to your online application. This will help us match the payment to your application.

If you face difficulties with the credit card payment, please contact us at and add a screenshot of your error message. 

You can also pay the fee via bank transfer. Once you have made the payment, please upload the payment receipt to the “documents” on your DreamApply application. There are no strict requirements with regards to the format of the document.

The payment should be made in euros. It is the responsibility of the applicant to cover the possible transaction charge(s) and make sure the total fee amount (100 euros) is received by the university. Please request information on possible charges for international transfers from the service provider before making the payment. If less than 100 euros is received by the university, your application cannot be processed before the total amount is transferred. Overpayment will not be refunded.

ACCOUNT HOLDER: University of Tartu
ADDRESS: Ülikooli 18, 50090 Tartu, Estonia
IBAN (account no): EE281010102000234007
DESCRIPTION: WP2OO, applicant´s first and last name (as it appears in passport and in online application), name of the programme
AMOUNT: €100
BANK NAME: SEB Pank AS, Tornimäe 2, 15010 Tallinn

Please note that the code WP2OO must be added in the description, otherwise the university might not receive your payment.

Alternatively, the following online money transfer options can be used: WisePayPal's Xoom service. Please note that the payment service availability varies across countries (e.g. PayPal's Xoom service is only available for U.S. bank account holders). For details and technical guidance, please contact the service provider directly.

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