ENLIGHT invites to online lecture on smart systems and robotics

ENLIGHT invites participants to an online lecture on 14 June at 16:00 where three experts discuss modern smart systems and the developments of robotics.  

Sharing their insights in ethics, robotics, and engineering, the lecture will host Renno Raudmäe, Junior Lecturer in Robotics Technology from the University of Tartu, Elisabeth Wilhelm, Assistant Professor in Control of Robotic Systems for Assistance and Rehabilitation from the University of Groningen, and Nathan Wood, postdoctoral fellow from Ghent University.  

The lecture is broadcast live via Zoom and on ENLIGHT’s YouTube channel. It finishes with a short discussion, during which the audience is invited to post their questions in the chat. The discussion is followed by an informal online networking event for the scientific community.  

Registration is possible via web form. Read more about the lecture and the ENLIGHT network.  


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Doctoral defence: Valentina Punzi "Making (hi)stories in Amdo: voices, genres, and authorities"

On 13 June at 12:00 Valentina Punzi will defend her doctoral thesis "Making (hi)stories in Amdo: voices, genres, and authorities".