Feature film "Dhokbu - the Keeper" at the Estonian National Museum

Feature film "Dhokbu - the Keeper"
June 16th at 18.00
Estonian National Museum (Muuseumi tee 2, Tartu)
J. Hurt hall (A-entrance)
The film is in Lepcha and in English, with subtitles, 88 min
Free entrance 

"Dhokbu - the Keeper" is a film that showcases the beautiful scenery of the Himalayan state Sikkim, India. The movie is filled with adventure and interesting plot twists. Stories of local folklore, with which many Sikkimese generations have grown up, make up the background of the film. The storyline follows the journey of a research scholar on fieldwork who gets lost in the wild and encounters a guardian deity who protects her in the wilderness, while narrating stories and myths of the land. 

Kikee D. Bhutia is the film's lead actor. She is also currently a PhD student in the Department of Estonian and Comparative Folklore, University of Tartu. Her research interest includes the belief narratives related to the supernatural landscape, pilgrimage, and relationship between humans and deities in Sikkim. 

After the screening there will be a chance to ask questions from the director, Dawa Lepcha, through Skype, and from Kikee D. Bhutia who will be present. Moderator of the event is pofessor Ülo Valk. 

Organisers: Estonian National Museum; Department of Estonian and Comparative Folklore and Asian Centre, University of Tartu; Estonian Society for the Study of Religions. 

Additional information: Margaret Lyngdoh ninilyngdoh@gmail.com, Ülo Valk ulo.valk@ut.ee