Important dates in the 1st semester

Deadline for registering to courses

18 Sept 2023

Deadline for cancelling the registrations to courses

within two weeks of the first contact learning session or within a different term specified for the course

Deadline for applying for scholarship for students with special needs

Deadline for applying for achievement stipend

30 Sept (first semester students cannot apply), (spring semester 28 Feb)

Deadline for applying for specialisation stipend

30 Sept (spring semester 28 Feb)

Deadline for need-based study allowance

Throughout the semester, will be payed starting from the month of submitting application

Deadline for need-based special allowance

30 Sept (spring semester 28 Feb

Due date for paying the tuition fee (for fee-paying students)

First semester, EU/EEA/Swiss citizens: 20 Sept 
First semester, non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizens:
   - half of the first semester's fee after being informed of the admission decision
   - second half of the fee by 20 Sept 
Second semester: 20 March 
In the second year and onwards: 20 Oct

The autumn semester is counted as studied semester since

13 Nov 2023 (spring semester 22 April 2024)

Registering to spring semester courses starts on

15 Dec at 21:00

The deadline of choosing the modules of major specialisation in Bachelor studies and all the modules in other study levels in SIS

4 Feb 2024

Deadline for registering to spring semester courses

11 Feb 2024

Deadline for submitting the application of RPL

Can be submitted any time, but the completion of the curriculum recognises the study results in the semester of the RPL decision (RPL committee has 30 days of making the decision).

Study results by RPL are taken into account on the basis of a study plan in the semester the study results are submitted.

Deadline for checking and updating your contact information in Study Information System

Your contact information must be correct and kept updated all the time! It is student’s own responsibility.

When will I get information about academic affairs, stipends, study abroad offers, information sessions and traineeship and job offers?

From the beginning of the academic year weekly every Monday by Student Newsletter.


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