Open lecture on the Bible translations' impact on society held in UT

On March 26 at 18.15, UT's College of Foreign Languages and Culture is holding its first research seminar: Professor Marko Pajević is giving an open lecture titled “Poetics’ transformative power. Bible translation and society”.

The lecture discusses how bible translations from different time periods have impacted the wider Christian society. Marko Pajević, the UT's Professor of German Studies, explains that in addition to the influence the Bible has had on Christian culture, the Lutherian translation in specific formed the foundational text for a standardised German language, shaping German and Germany to this day.


“In my contribution, I would like to analyse Franz Rozenzweig and Martin Buber's retranslation in the 20th century, with which the authors attempted to establish space in the Bible for Jewish and Hebrew tradition, creating a closer bond between Christians and Jewish Germans. Although the goal was not accomplished, it was nonetheless a remarkable endeavour to change the language and broaden the reader's views. I will compare the authors' work to the translation and language theory of Henri Meschonnic, which was fundamentally shaped by translating the Bible,” says Pajević regarding his lecture's focus.


The lecture is held in UT's Jakobi 2 building, room 114. Wine and snacks are served and attendance is open to all.


The Research Seminar of the College of Foreign Languages and Cultures is a new, interdisciplinary seminar at the University of Tartu, organized by the professors of the College. It aims to be a forum for scholarly discussion and presentation of ongoing research at the College.


The position of the professor of German Studies is financed by the European Union Regional Development Fund through University of Tartu's ASTRA project “PER ASPERA”.



Contact: Daniel Sävborg, UT's professor of Scandinavian Studies, 737 6250,